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Atlantis Cruise Passengers Confess:
We Were Fucking On That Balcony

Queerty has posted a message from the Atlantis Events cruise passengers arrested on board their ship earlier this year while moored at the Caribbean island of Dominica. An excerpt:
Yes, we were having sex on the balcony. We were fucking. There, I said it. The complaints came from Dominica dock workers, who were offended. I’m sure if it had been a naked women they would have continued to stare and most likely would have commented on her breasts. This is something that we could not previously address or admit to. Many have taken this as an opportunity to attack our character and integrity. We were originally charged with “buggery,” which is equivalent to sodomy. However, the charge was later reduced to indecent exposure, a lesser-inclusive charge.

We were represented by counsel who had advised us not to speak or admit to anything we were not being charged with. Had we been found guilty of buggery, we were facing a prison sentence of up to 14 years in a Third World country. We have never denied our responsibility for our indiscretion. We entered a guilt plea to the charge of indecent exposure. The Magistrate excepted our guilty plea, set a fine in the matter and then released us from custody. In addition, we were expatriated and deported from their country at our own expense.
The letter goes on to complain at length about Atlantis Events for taking passengers to anti-gay destinations.

Read the full letter.

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