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The Caucasian Race Is Diminishing

As I reported yesterday, the wife of the author of North Carolina's Amendment One was heard saying that he wrote the bill in order to protect the Caucasian race from its "diminishing" numbers. A follow-up to that statement is in the video below. Check out hubby's reaction to the scandal via Thing Progress:
Responding to his wife’s comments, Sen. Brunstetter told ThinkProgress, “I know my wife does not think like that,” but admitted that “She got very flustered (she is not a political person) and then someone came up to her and started shooting questions at her. She noticed later that there was someone video taping without her knowledge.” “My wife is one of the sweetest, most genuine people you will ever meet,” he added. “Her convictions on the marriage amendment are spiritual in nature, not racial. The individual in question had been quite abusive and intimidating. The Amendment is not racially motivated, is quite simple and straightforward and, in fact, is widely supported in many areas of the African American community.”
In the clip below, Mrs. Brunstetter limply defends her remarks.

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