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Crackpot Hate Group Leader Bradlee Dean Calls Dan Savage "Mentally Ill"

This may just be the most hypocritical reaction yet, when you consider the news story from March in which Dean's group verbally abused LGBT people to an audience of high school kids. They all ran WEEPING from the room! (Not really, but spread that.)
An Eastern Iowa superintendent is doing major damage control after an unexpected message in a school assembly. The band Junkyard Prophet and a group known as You Can Run But You Cannot Hide was invited to speak at Dunkerton High School Thursday morning. Administrators thought the group was speaking about provocative lyrics in music and making good choices. But then, the subject matter turned to potentially offensive opinions on homosexuality and abortion. Students say the assembly started well. The band played some great music and most students agreed with their message. ”They were a rock band, and they talked about music that had bad influences on kids,” said high school junior Kenzley Ricklefs.

But then things took an unexpected turn. The group switched their message from music, to negative opinions about the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community. ”They started talking about homosexuality, and that’s when I really got offended,” Manahl said. “I got a little emotional. I wanted to walk out. But I’m like — keep your calm, listen to what they have to say.” Then they split into smaller groups — girls, boys, and teachers. The guys got a lesson in the constitution and Christianity. “We work hard to teach tolerance in our classrooms,” Superintendent Jim Stanton told students at a second assembly Thursday afternoon.
Dean's group was added this year to the SPLC's list of certified hate groups. He is suing Rachel Maddow for $50M after she quoted verbatim his opinion that foreign Muslims are being more moral than American Christians when they execute homosexuals. Here's today's clip about Dan Savage.

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