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Email Of The Day

Yesterday's JMG post about Shotgun Boy has gone viral with just about every major blog taking notice. Here's one of today's emails:
"Hey fuckhead. Fuck you and your limp wristed attempt to involve the police in something that is NONE of your damn business. I think it would have been much more appropriate to burn the sign, and save the ammo for when it is people that need stopping. You are a fucking social misfit you scum-sucking piece of shit. Fuck you and all of your counter-culture disease ridden scumbags. This man is a hero, and this is exactly how WE handle this shit."
My bolding. I've forwarded the author's name, email address, photo, Facebook page, and location to several friends. You know, just in case my head should mysteriously become detached from my body. The strangest thing is that usually my death threats mention Jesus.

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