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FedEx Loses Religion-At-Work Case

Christian websites are crowing today after a federal judge quashed a request by FedEx to dismiss a suit filed against them by an employee who claims they trampled his right to proselytize at work. FedEx then settled the case confidentially. Note how the Alliance Defense Fund characterizes the employee's behavior:
FedEx refused to allow Weathers to answer questions from others about the Bible or others matters of faith. After his director refused to answer his questions as to why his speech was banned, Weathers turned to a Human Resources representative who replied in e-mail stating that his speech was an “act detrimental to the company”—a designation given to sexual harassment, possession of illegal drugs or weapons in the workplace, theft, workplace violence, and other egregious acts. Though Weathers only answered questions about the Bible, the HR representative also told Weathers that discussions of religion and politics are “forbidden in the workplace.”
He wasn't annoying coworkers with God-talk! He was just answering their questions about the Bible. That happens on the loading dock all the time, people!

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