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GLAAD Slams CNN Over Tony Perkins

"To cable news viewers, he's just the conservative guy who comes on sometimes to talk about gay stuff from a Republican point of view. But Perkins' own statements will show you that those positions don't come from politics. They are the result of pure animus towards gay people, and a belief that they're doing the work of 'the enemy.' You can expose how extreme Perkins' positions are by challenging them, like [Soledad] O'Brien and [Piers] Morgan did. But you're still not telling the whole story, unless you tell your audience what's at the heart of those positions. We are once again asking journalists to hold anti-gay activists like Perkins accountable for their own statements against LGBT people, and to deliver that critical information to their audiences." - GLAAD president Herndon Graddick, in a scathing HuffPo piece slamming CNN for hosting Tony Perkins three times in the 24 hours after Obama's announcement.

Graddick suggests this introduction for all of Perkins' appearances: "Joining me is Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, which has been labeled a 'hate group' by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its anti-gay activism."

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