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Glenn Beck's Site Picks Up Shotgun Boy

The Shotgun Boy story is spreading beyond LGBT and progressive sites. Glenn Beck's The Blaze editorializes:
[F]rom the video, it seems unclear if the shotgun “was fired onto property that includes a home or business.” It’s also unclear if the property is his, although he seems to indicate it is. He also seems to indicate that someone entered onto his property and placed the sign, which raises the question: Do his rights allow him to fire a gun on his property, even if it’s at a sign — especially one placed there by someone not authorized to do so? What do you think? Did he go too far, or is this just a man exercising his rights?
Many of Beck's readers are calling Shotgun Boy a "hero."

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UPDATE: I should have mentioned that you should brace for a flood of comment trolls. As I always say, an ignored troll is an unhappy troll. Do not engage, make them unhappy.

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