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MISSOURI: School Board Member Advertises Against "Self-Destructive Homosexual Behavior"

Butler County Republican Party co-chair Hardy Billington has published the above lie-filled ad in Poplar Bluff's Daily American Republic in support of Missouri's pending "Don't Say Gay" bill. Billington, a Baptist deacon, is running for reelection to the Poplar Bluff school board. He crows about the changes he's made during his tenure:
Before I was president of the board, they weren’t doing the Pledge of Allegiance at Senior High for about 16 years. The board members and I passed in our by-laws that every student would have the opportunity to do the Pledge of Allegiance at least once a week as well as have 30 seconds to reflect. The people in this community have been extremely good to me, in both my business and in my personal life. I care a great deal for the people in our community, and in the last six years I had the opportunity to give back. I believe you should never give up, and that has been my motto in life. If I could only accomplish one thing, it is to instill in our children that philosophy. Our greatest treasure is our children, and they are our future.
The bill reads:Contact the Daily American and tell them how you feel about this sort of advertising: (573) 785-1414. (Tipped by JMG reader Scott.)

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