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NARTH Joins Facebook

A reader tips us that NARTH has joined Facebook.
NARTH upholds the rights of individuals with unwanted homosexual attraction to receive effective psychological care, and the right of professionals to offer that care. How to become a friend of the NARTH page: We honor your request to be a NARTH friend. In order to establish professionalism, honest discourse, and security of accurate information, it is REQUIRED that you send David Pickup, Katie Rowe, or Christopher Doyle (admins of the page) the following information along with your request:

1. Your profession
2. Your contact information
3. Your motivation for joining the NARTH friend’s page
4. Any professional or religious organization of which you are a member.
As for the page administrators, you might recall Christopher Doyle from that time I chased him out to his car at the NARTH convention in Philadelphia. David Pickup (real name!) is famed for his unintentionally hilarious masculinity instruction video and butch-up coaching lessons. From a 2008 JMG post:
Here's a couple of the best quotes from Pickup's clip: "The WorkOUT is a unique program that helps a man who's dealing with homosexual issues go deep." And: "I love helping other men be men." Oh, me too, sister! The cost of joining the WorkOUT program is $250 a month. That includes a one-hour life coaching session per week (which is conducted "face-to-face" (ahem) or on the phone), plus one hour of "911" phone counselings, for those "Help! I'm buying poppers!" moments.
Here's the clip.

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