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NYPD Sergeant Tells Man: My Dick Will Go In Your Mouth And Come Out Your Ear

The New York Post has shocking video of an NYPD sergeant verbally abusing a 21 year-old man later arrested for disorderly conduct.
Sgt. Charles followed the group into the nearby No. 1 Chinese Food restaurant, flanked by two plainclothes cops. “I have the long dick. You don’t,” the cop bragged. “Your pretty face — I like it very much. My dick will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don’t fuck with me. All right?” After the target of his tirade insisted, “I didn’t do anything,” Charles retorted, “Listen to me. When you see me, you look the other way. Tell your boys, I don’t fuck around. All right?” “I’ll take my gun and put it up your ass and then I’ll call your mother afterwards. You understand that?” For good measure, the sergeant added: “And I’ll put your shit in your own mouth.” Charles added, “I’m here every fucking day. I don’t go home. I have no life. No kids. I do what I do."
The NYPD says they are investigating the incident and point out that the subject of the tirade has been arrested more than 20 times "including for petit larceny and weapons and pot possession." Sgt. Charles told the Post: “I’m just doing God’s work. You know I can’t comment. Have a blessed day.” Commenters at the above-linked story are defending the police. (Via Gothamist)

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