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Washington Haters: Petitions Are In

This just in from Preserve Marriage Washington:
Thank you for all the hard work you have done on behalf of marriage in Washington State and Referendum - 74. You have collected 146,059 signatures on behalf of Preserve Marriage Washington and the GREEN R - 74 petition as of this evening. Thank you. We are in the final stages and it looks like your efforts will help us blow away our minimum goal of 150,000 signatures by May 31st. As you recall we set this date so we would have time to process (rack 'em, pack 'em, and stack 'em) the petitions prior to submission to the Secretary of State on June 6th. However, we, and hopefully you, will continue to collect signatures right up until next week. While most of our staff will box up and transport the signatures to Olympia Tuesday June 5th, So don't stop at 150,000. That's the bare minimum. As with every campaign thousands of signatures will be unreadable or invalid for other reasons. And we know our opponents will work tirelessly to disqualify as many as possible. So keep piling on - 175,00...185,000...can you do 200,000 by June 6th? We think you can

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