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World Net Daily: Will Obama Cancel The Election And Impose Martial Law?

Today World Net Daily offers a faint criticism of growing wingnut claims that President Obama plans to cancel the election and hold onto power by declaring martial law. It's not that he won't necessarily do that, mind you, it's just that it won't work.
Yes, we’ve let ourselves become dull, lazy and ignorant over the years. But not that dull, lazy and ignorant. This American population is plenty smart enough to tell real public disorder from a staged, oversized “October Surprise.” And if we’re not smart enough, there’ll be plenty of wagging tongues, whistleblowers and true patriots clued in and doing their bit to inform and defend America. Stick the fork into this American turkey and you’ll see we’re not done yet. Far from it. If you’ve forgotten the “shellacking” the real Americans handed the quick-change artists in 2010 and the breathtaking Republican victory for prankster-liar Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat inside New York City in 2011, just consider the lopsided defeat of gay marriage in North Carolina May 8 of this year. How much of that vote was plain old repudiation of Barack Obama? Plenty!
The above-linked story is festooned with ads about the coming End Times and with ads about retirement planning. Confusing!

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