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Barney Frank Wants To Marry In Maine

Saying that he and his fiance would like to get married there too, after their Massachusetts ceremony, Rep. Barney Frank is urging Mainers to pass this November's marriage equality bill. From the Bangor Daily News:
U.S. Rep. Barney Frank said Saturday night during a talk in Portland he hopes to marry fiance and Ogunquit resident Jim Ready in Maine, calling on those in attendance to vote to legalize gay marriage at the polls in November. “We want marriage equality not just for all LGBT people, but for ourselves,” he said. “We want to get married in Massachusetts this year, but we want to get married next year in Maine.” The acerbic and pull-no-punches approach Frank has become known for was on full display during his speech in Maine’s largest city as the Massachusetts Democrat called for cuts in defense spending and maintaining the current retirement age, and decried what he described as the disappearance from Congress of moderate Republicans. “There are no moderate Republicans left, with the exception of a few who would vote with us when it doesn’t make any difference,” Frank said. “It’s the most rigid ideological party since before the Civil War. … The bumper sticker I’m going to have printed up for Democrats this year is, ‘We’re not perfect, but they’re nuts.’”
Frank was speaking at the Maine People's Alliance 30th anniversary gala.

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