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Cure HIV With Cockroaches

I get some interesting press releases, that's for sure.
Since 1995, we are proposing that the most and 100% effective HIV vaccine is in the Cockroaches. Approaches and solutions: Cockroaches are the oldest living and most powerful on earth. This is estimated to be 350 to 400 million years. They have survived major disasters, weather phenomena and the atomic bombs. There have been strong and resilient because they are loaded with viruses and bacteria and this is the beginning of any immunity. There are thousands of varieties of cockroaches, but specifically those living in the sewers and feed on the waste vaginal, semen and feces. They are immune and are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In the same way as Edward Jenner did his research with the smallpox; we do the same procedure. We say: we must strengthen the capacity of the human body immune cells (lymphocytes T CD +4) with proteins of cockroaches and create antibodies to endure and live with HIV. Thus, the body would be prepared to receive and accommodate this dose of virus or bacteria (antigens). And strengthening and vigorous immune system, will alert to assimilate these pathogens (HIV) that are foreign to the body to recognize and neutralize them quickly.
They have a website, but it's in Spanish.

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