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HomoQuotable - Mikko Alanne

"On June 10, my husband and I joined Mercy For Animals at L.A.'s Gay Pride Parade, the first time an animal rights group has marched in the celebration in West Hollywood. I've marched and leafleted for gay rights before, and I've done the same for animal rights, but never at the same event. [snip] Yet there are many LGBT people fail to see a connection, or pretend not to see one. Prominent gay rights blogger Joe Jervis comes to mind, with his recurring "Reasons To Hate PETA" entries. Another example is Olympic skater Johnny Weir, often lauded in our community, a man who has incredibly publicly declared that he doesn't care if animals are skinned alive for the fur he so loves. Do I think Johnny Weir or Joe Jervis actually believe some of the things they say, ridiculing the suffering of animals? No. I think they're just too embarrassed and proud to admit they're wrong." - Mikko Alanne, writing for Huffington Post.

I responded to Alanne over on HuffPo, but my post was, of course, deleted. It went something like this:
Oh brother. I don't "hate" animals, hence my regular posts in support of the ASPCA, where I rescued my adult FIV+ cat. What I do hate, however, are ridiculous self-aggrandizing asshats who stage eminently mockable bits of political theater in their holier-than-thou campaigns of "look at ME, I'm a WONDERFUL person," often at the expense of innocent humans. (See my above-linked posts for four excellent examples.) Eat your sea kittens, people are starving in this world.

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