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Jay Brannan - Rob Me Blind

Spinner explains the plot:
Jay Brannan is pretty shy, but not in his new video. The New York-based singer's latest clip for "Rob Me Blind" delves into a world of "missed connections," but instead of letting the feelings for a stranger fly away, he acts on them. To set the scene, Jay is waiting for an elevator next to a man he's never met. The two exchange glances, and upon approaching every new floor, Brannan imagines his life with the mystery man. "I'm way too shy to ever approach anyone on the street, on the subway, in an elevator or even at a bar," Brannan tells Spinner. "So it was fun to make a video involving chemistry-at-first-sight, where the characters didn't just end up going home to check the 'missed connections' listings on Craigslist."

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