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NEW HAMPSHIRE: Another Christian Group Forms To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

The Union Leader reports on Families Across NH:
Fueled by the failed effort to repeal the state's same-sex marriage law earlier this year, a group of social conservatives and “politically active Christians of all denominations” have established a new nonprofit issues-advocacy group and state political action committee. They expect to have a “powerful impact” on the 2012 general election and the next session of the Legislature. Families Across New Hampshire (FANH) is the brainchild of veteran Republican political strategist Michael Dennehy, a Concord lobbyist and former senior advisor to John McCain. The financial goal for the PAC, Dennehy says, is to spend $150,000 to advocate for the election of “pro-family” candidates for state office during the 2012 elections and for the nonprofit to air issue-advocacy advertising. Dennehy said FANH will have no affiliation with the National Organization for Marriage, the national group that caused a stir in the state by becoming heavily involved in the same-sex marriage battle.
New Hampshire Republicans For Freedom and Equality respond in a press release headlined GOP PAC Denounces New NOM Front Group:
"They can try to re-invent themselves by claiming a new, friendlier-sounding name, but their mission is still the same - to tear apart loving New Hampshire families," said Owen. "Republicans in the legislature have already rejected this group's anti-gay agenda, with a majority voting against repeal last time. We won't stand for these outside groups trying to hijack our legislative priorities by throwing their out-of-state money around."

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