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NEW YORK: Gay Divorces Begin

This may be the first gay divorce for those married here since the law went into effect just over one year ago.
It was inevitable. The legalization of gay marriage in New York is yielding the first wave of gay divorces. Two lesbians who got hitched six days after the Marriage Equality Act took effect last summer have gone public with their breakup — which could result in one of the first gay divorces finalized in the state. “I do very much feel like the president of the loneliest club in the world,” photographer Dese’Rae Stage, 29, wrote on her blog about her split with masseuse Katie Marks, also 29. “How many gay divorcees do you know? It’s a horrible feeling to go through this huge life upheaval without the support of others who know exactly what you’re feeling.” A couple since 2008, Marks and Stage tied the knot in a “popup chapel” in Central Park. Their engagement picture is on the chapel’s website and they were profiled in the Village Voice
The mocking has already begun on Free Republic.

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