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NOM Sends Letters To Minnesota Companies Demanding "Neutrality"

NOM has letters to Minnesota's fifty largest companies demanding that they stay out of the marriage battle.
"The corporations all have customers and employees that come down on both sides," Jonathan Baker of NOM told KARE. "They have customers and employees that want to support the traditional definition of marriage as a union of a man and a woman, and customers and employees that would like to extend the definition of marriage to couples of the same gender." [snip] "What we're asking businesses to do is to create a work environment that welcoming to all of the employees. And they can do that through adopting a neutral stance over the Minnesota Marriage amendment." In his letter to businesses, Baker pointed out that North Carolina voters recently approved a marriage amendment. He also warned of the hazards of "wading into a culture war" and cited the boycott against Starbucks for supporting gay marriage in Washington state.
Among the state's largest corporations are Target, Best Buy, Hormel, and General Mills.

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