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Not Christian Enough

A Nebraska man is suing a local lighting company for not hiring him because he isn't "Christian enough."
According to the complaint, the manager asked Wolfe "to identify every church he has attended over the past several years; where and when [he] was 'saved' and the circumstances that led up to it." In the interview, Wolfe claims he was told most employees at Voss were Southern Baptist, but employees could go to any church, as long as they were "born again." The complaint claims the manager asked Wolfe if he would "have a problem" coming to work early, without pay, to attend Bible study. Wolfe, a single parent who says he cannot attend church on Sundays, told lawyers the branch manager was "agitated" at his answers. He didn't get the job. The suit is filed under Title VII, part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which makes it illegal to discriminate in hiring on the basis of religion.
If the situation were reversed, you can bet this story would be at the top of every Christianist site. For now, radio silence. (Tipped by JMG reader David)

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