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Savage Slammed For GOProud Tweet

The right wing has renewed their attack on Dan Savage after he called GOProud "house faggots" following their endorsement of Mitt Romney. Last night Bryan Fischer gleefully tweeted the link to this post:
Two gay slurs in one Tweet. The gay left must be proud of their self-appointed spokesman. So must the Obama Administration, which has labeled this massive bully a hero of the anti-bullying movement, invited him to the White House, and cut videos on behalf of his It Gets Better Project. There's no worse form of anti-gay bullying than to use slurs like the one Savage did here. Will the White House continue to back their man?
GOProud co-founder Chris Barron responded on his personal blog: "Apparently, faggot is an entirely appropriate slur as long as Dan Savage is slinging it and gay people who you don’t agree with are on the receiving end. It gets better my ass."

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