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Today's Message From Coach Dave

"We are taking the Gospel to the Gay Pride parade in Columbus on June 16. We need your financial support for our Living Waters Project. Here is how it works. Columbus has the largest homosexual community in the Midwest. Every year they parade their debauchery on our streets. Because 'the church' is so confused about how God feels about sodomy, there is very little Christian presence at the parade. Last year over 20,000 homosexuals took part in the march.

"We always try to make it a point to rain the Gospel on their parade. I often tell church leaders that they don’t have to go over-seas for a mission trip. Every Father’s Day weekend there are 20,000 profoundly lost souls walking down the streets in downtown Columbus. Very few join us. They tell us that 'God hasn’t called them to that.' He called, but their line was busy. Until you have been to a Gay Pride Parade you cannot understand the depth of depravity into which some will plummet." - Coach Dave Daubenmire, who is begging for money to enable his disruption of Columbus Pride. (Tipped by JMG reader Steve)

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