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Trump Sues Pageant Loser

Donald Trump's Miss Universe pageant has filed suit against crybaby loser Sheena Monnin for her claims that the entire contest was rigged. Last week Miss Pennsylvania USA denounced the "immoral" pageant for allowing trans contestants and claimed that another contestant saw the list of finalists before the judging took place.
A statement from the organization said it was seeking compensation for her "ongoing defamatory statements," but Balber wouldn’t say how much money the Miss Universe Organization was seeking. The pageant also released a statement from Miss Florida USA - the contestant Sheena Monnin claims saw the list - in which she disputes Miss Pennsylvania’s version of the events that prompted her to step down. Pageant officials maintain the judging was done fairly and under the watchful eye of auditor Ernst & Young. "(The) tabulation of the judges’ votes which determined the final five contestants did not occur until after the evening gown competition had been completed," Ernst & Young said in a statement released Friday evening.
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