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UTAH: Davis County School District Bans Books About Gay Families And LGBT Youth

And the Salt Lake Tribune doesn't like it one bit. From today's editorial:
The Davis County School District is now targeting books for children that portray families headed by same-sex parents and a book with the message that bullying of homosexual teenagers is wrong. In Davis County, it seems, book banning based on intolerance is alive and well. The issue was prompted by a parent’s complaint about an acclaimed book titled In Our Mothers’ House that was chosen by librarians specifically because there are children in the district with two same-sex parents. Librarians, rightly, wanted to make those children feel included and also wanted to help other children understand that various types of families are all acceptable. Totally Joe, about a gay teenager who is bullied, glimpses the suffering of gay teens, who all too often take their own lives. Now the district is on a witch hunt, asking district librarians to report other books with gay or lesbian characters.

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