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WND Loses Suit Against Esquire

World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah has lost his $260M lawsuit against Esquire Magazine after a federal judge tossed it as meritless. Farah sued after Esquire published an online satire piece which claimed that he'd pulled Jerome Corsi's birther book from publication following the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate. Farah was represented by wackadoodle Larry Klayman, who is also representing Bradlee Dean in his suit against Rachel Maddow.
“Having become such well-known proponents of one position on the issue, Plaintiffs cannot complain that the very intensity of their advocacy also became part of the public debate,” wrote Collyer. “Those who speak with loud voices cannot be surprised if they become part of the story.” Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch who served as WND’s attorney in the case, told TPM the opinion appeared hastily written and that it was hinged on an “alleged admission from Joseph Farah that this thing was a parody.” Klayman said Farah was being sarcastic. “It looks to me like Judge Collyer is kowtowing to the Washington establishment, which doesn’t want to touch any of these issues, to simply dump the case,” Klayman said, adding they planned to appeal.

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