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BVM Sighting Of The Day

A new smartphone app will superimpose images of Jesus or the BVM over your photos.
Some people wait their whole lives to witness a miracle. Isn't that way too long? With Betabrand's new Sightings app, you can summon the supernatural in seconds. That's right: Now you're able to subtly slip Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or Bigfoot into any iPhone photo! At last, you'll be able to say things like: Holy moly, Jesus is in my guacamole! Can you see the Madonna? She's on my iguana. That's not a blotch on our wedding photo — that's a Sasquatch beside Mr. Hiramoto! Yes, now you can transform everyday photos from dull to divine with the fun, easy-to-use Sightings app. Create cherished memories for yourself, make true believers of friends and family, and submit your incredible images to a growing global gallery of Jesus, Mary, and Bigfoot sightings.
The free app is iPhone-only at the moment.

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