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Gay DC Couple Bashed In Hate Crime

Washington DC police are investigating an attack on a local gay couple who was attacked by a mob as they walked home. Investigators say they suspect the assault was hate-motivated as the assailants "did not ask for anything and did not take anything."
Michael Joel Hall and his partner, Michael Roike, were jumped by a gang of men as they were walking home. The men had been dropped off near their home, when friends say they were ambushed. The group severely beat Hall. His cheek was broken and he suffered other facial injuries. Roike was also beaten, but his injuries were far less severe. Roike's mother, Michelle, says she is convinced the men would have been killed had it not been for a woman and her boyfriend who intervened. The attackers ran away with tone of the victim's cell phone. Hall was taken to Howard University Hospital where he underwent surgery on Monday afternoon.
Hall does not have health insurance and friends have set up a Facebook page and PayPal account to help him pay for his hospitalization. (Tipped by JMG reader Jeffrey)

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