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HomoQuotable - Matt Moore

"The gay lifestyle is driven by sex, not love. But I didn’t realize that until God took me out of that lifestyle and placed me on the outside, so I could look in with clear eyes. Yeah, that’s right, God. The God I didn’t believe in. The God who never answered me when I prayed as a kid. I can’t fully explain in words how it happened, but now that I look back I can see that God was drawing me to Himself for a period of a few months. I didn’t know it, of course, I was just living my life how I wanted to and He was nowhere on my radar. But one day I just knew that I had to have Him, I had to know Him, I had to live for Him. I wanted to live for Him. So I began to. So did God make me straight? Nope. He made me ALIVE. I still am attracted to men, but all of the sudden, things became so much bigger than my sexual preferences. I realized that I was actually made by God, hand-made by God, and He wanted me to pursue Him." - "Ex-gay" advocate Mark Moore, whose boyfriends have been super mean to him. (Tipped by JMG reader Straight Grandmother)

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