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House GOP Demands And Gets DOMA Response Delay From Supreme Court

The GOP's House Bipartisan (snort) Legal Advisory Group has requested and received a delayed deadline for when they must respond to two pending DOMA suits before the Supreme Court. As always, super-reporter Chris Geidner gets to what the request was really all about.
The deadline extension, which lawyers familiar with the cases say could cause up to a one-week delay in when in the fall the Supreme Court justices would consider when to take the cases, won't likely have any long-term effect on how and when the cases might be considered by the justices. The new deadline, however, means that House Speaker John Boehner's lawyers could take the chance to take aim at the Obama administration, which stopped defending DOMA in early 2011, following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 30 and before the start of the Democratic National Convention the next week.

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