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Linda Harvey: Effeminized Men Have Overrun The "Ex-Gays" At Exodus

"For Exodus, as a position led by Alan Chambers and he’s not the only one in leadership there that are really misled, for them to pull the plug on kids and just abandon them, this is just the stereotype of men who are not being men, shall I just go there, because that’s what it is. Just don’t defend anything, just let people run right all over you. Well the people running over you are the homosexuals, how ironic is this? How ironic is this that the ones with the real guts are the ones who are the more effeminized or non-masculine males who aren’t embracing their real, God-given masculine identity. But the ex-homosexuals, supposedly, or the leadership there, won’t stand up." - Hate group leader Linda Harvey, continuing her radio campaign against Exodus leader Alan Chambers, who now says that since there's no actual "cure," gay people should consign themselves to a lifetime of untouched, unloved celibacy.

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