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New Zealand To See Marriage Bill

New Zealand's parliament will soon consider a marriage equality bill and its prospects look promising.
The bill, led by Labour MP Louisa Wall, is likely to be subject to a conscience vote but will have the support of Shearer and all Green Party MPs. Prime Minister John Key has previously indicated he would vote for a bill for gay marriage to at least be considered by a select committee. A number of MPs - including Key and English - voted against legislation in 2004 that allowed same sex couples to enter civil unions. Many of those MPs still in Parliament may also vote against Wall's bill. But Shearer today said Key's support for gay marriage may be ''some indication from the National Party mood is''. ''I think it's got a good chance of going through,'' Shearer said. "I think it's the reality of our times. It just effectively puts in place what's already in existence." The youth wing of the National Party - the Young Nats - today said they supported marriage equality and would be lobbying National MPs to do the same.
Last month France, yesterday Scotland, today New Zealand. Who's next? (Tipped by JMG reader Andy)

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