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NJ Cops Shut Down Furry Event

Word is just getting out that local New Jersey cops shut down a Memorial Day barbeque for about 200 "furries" after the venue got overcrowded. Oh, and two of the furries had engaged in public "inappropriate behavior."
According to posts on the Furaffinity site, the couple’s actions took place in front of many people in the middle of the day, including children. West Windsor Lt. Pat McCormack said police were called to the party but refused to go into further detail, saying the issue was being handled as a “personnel matter.” A YouTube video of the party, which showed guests grilling and dancing to music, drew several critical comments and video responses from self-described furries lambasting the two people involved in the incident. An online fundraising campaign was started after the barbecue and had raised close to $2,500 as of yesterday afternoon, according to the fundraising site at “Concerned furries have started this fundraiser to help the Twin ‘W’ Rescue Squad, which used to host the NJ FurBQ, recover some of the funds that were lost during some recent unfortunate events,” the website read.
Organizers concede that the event was overcrowded.

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