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PENNSYLVANIA: Atheist Files Complaint About Restaurant Discount For Christians

This morning the American Family Association email-blasted its members with a link to a Friendly Atheist story about a Pennsylvania man who filed a complaint with the state after seeing the above discount offer. AFA founder Don Wildmon writes:
After reading this story, I urge you to join with other Christian leaders in opposing efforts to take away our religious freedom. If you are willing to join other Christian leaders in opposing the loss of religious freedom and moral decay, please use the reply buttonand give me your name, title and address.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a warning letter to the restaurant, saying that such offers violate the Civil Rights Act section regarding public accommodations. Friendly Atheist author Hermant Mehta suggests another tactic:
Bring in a flyer from a local atheist gathering. (Or even a local mosque.) See if you get the discount. If you don’t, then you can say they’re discriminating against non-Christians. If the owner is just trying to drum up business, I doubt they would really complain about a group of atheists showing up just to capitalize on the discount. (The owner admitted that she doesn’t even attend church herself. She just wants more customers.)
RELATED: Last spring a lesbian-owned maternity shop in Brooklyn offered a discount to lesbian moms only, drawing howls of discrimination from the readers of Free Republic. The shop's owner told the New York Daily News, "This is my store, and I can choose to do this discount for the people who need it most."

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