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PETA Calls For PetSmart Boycott

PETA has launched a campaign calling for a boycott of retail giant PetSmart until the chain "stops selling all animals." The below undercover video depicts a (presumably PetSmart) staffer going behind the scenes at one store to film sick and dying animals that have been removed from the floor, making the claim that PetSmart allows the mistreatment of animals and deprives them of veterinary care. The clip has drawn howls of outrage from PetSmart staffers on YouTube. Sample response:
Seriously!? That's a serious case of bad management. It can happen at any company in any store!! The Petsmarts Ive worked at are very loving and caring towards all animals!!! If anyone was EVER caught mistreating an animal it would be instant termination! The store I worked at paid for a $500 surgery on a hamster! We do everything possible to give all animals a loving home. Would PETA do that? DOUBTFUL. Ugh this kind of misleading crap infuriates me.

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