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SAN DIEGO: Activists Issue Pride Parade Call To "Turn Your Back" On Homocon Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio

San Diego activists have launched a Facebook group calling on locals to "turn your back" on homocon mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio during this weekend's gay pride parade.
Carl DeMaio has turned his back on the LGBT community, accepting plenty of Yes on 8 money and making promises to "…not push the gay agenda issues…" in exchange for campaign aid from Anti-Gay special interests. We need to send DeMaio a clear message that WE WILL NOT BE SOLD OUT! We won't support anyone that is funded by H8! Let's turn OUR backs on HIM!
In April San Diego's City Beat published a lengthy evisceration of DeMaio, who is backed by the some of largest donors to Proposition 8. DeMaio, a wealthy political consultant, is vehemently anti-union and has vowed that LGBT rights will never affect his political decisions. His candidacy is being bolstered by the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, whose publisher is DeMaio's partner.

UPDATE: The San Diego Free Press reports that DeMaio's partner will not be walking in the gay pride parade. Activists allege that DeMaio has avoided being photographed with his partner because he doesn't want to alienate his anti-gay backers.

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