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Scamtastic Faith Healing Convention

Expected End Ministries wants you to bring your broken diseased bodies to Phoenix later this month where Jesus will cure everything. Amputees are not invited.
Katie Souza and the EEM team teach and equip people how to move in the supernatural and cause the Kingdom of Heaven to manifest on earth. Through this ministry, thousands of people have experienced physical and emotional healing and have been equipped to fulfill their God given destinies.
Not only will your cancer be cured, you just might wake up with mysterious piles of money in your bank account. But only if you donate first.
As I was sitting there for almost an hour, I heard Holy Spirit say check your other account. I did and there was a deposit for $1800.00. My mouth dropped to the ground and all I could say was thank you Jesus. As the day went on I was on cloud nine. It worked. What Katie taught in Banking in the Glory worked. I thought back on the $200.00 [seed money] deposit and realized that it was a total of $2000.00, a hundred fold returned back to me. Praise God. I hope this testimony inspires you to trust in Him and never lose hope. Spend time in His word, repenting, forgiving and worshiping and praising Him.
A hundred-fold return? Jesus hates math.

(Via Christian Nightmares)

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