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SEATTLE: Occupy Activists Dump $5000 In Marked Bills From A Hotel Window

Via Seattle Times:
Activists tossed $5,000 off a downtown Seattle building Wednesday to protest money in politics. Dollar bills came swirling down just after 5 p.m. at Seventh Avenue and Pike Street, to the delight of tourists. The money was printed with the words "money as speech silences us all," a statement of protest against court rulings that consider political donations from businesses a form of free speech. According to the activists' website, the money will go back into general circulation and get their message out. Holly Rozner, a tourist visiting Seattle from Chicago with a group of friends, fetched $14 from the sky. "I just saw it coming down," she said. "I didn't think it was real." Matthew Toles, a photographer taking pictures of the money drop, said a "shower of money" lasted between five and 15 minutes. At first, people carried on with their business, not realizing that it was money fluttering down, he said. The wind blew some of the money onto a bar awning and into a nearby alley, sending people hunting for cash on windowsills and Dumpster lids.

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