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World's Largest Gay Club For Las Vegas

An empty Las Vegas multiplex is set to become what developers are saying will be the world's largest gay nightclub.
Krave Entertainment on Wednesday announced plans to take over the former Galaxy 11 movie theater on the Neonopolis' third floor. The company, which also owns the Drink and Drag bowling alley and drag queen-themed bar on the complex's second floor, will transform the 80,000-square-foot space with 14 theaters into the world's largest gay nightclub, owner Kelly Murphy said. "My goal is to knock New York out of the No. 1 spot for gays and lesbians in the United States," Murphy said. The cardboard cutouts from "Ice Age" and Dolby Digital signs will be removed. Six or seven walls separating the screens will be knocked down. The long-vacant space will be transformed into Krave Massive, with five themed dance rooms (hip-hop, country, Latin), three bars, a VIP lounge, comedy club, performance art space and LGBT movie theater. The huge undertaking will cost about $1.5 million. Murphy said the club will open piece by piece, with at least one of the themed rooms and the martini lounge in what is now the theater lobby open by the end of the year.
Promoters say they expect the complex to draw 12,000 patrons weekly. (Tipped by JMG reader Desert Architect)

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