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Australia's Gay Pole Studs

A gay trio calling themselves Pure Pole Studs will compete this weekend on Australia's Everybody Dance Now with a routine more commonly seen in titty bars.
Travis Scott, 25, is a pole dance instructor at the Fortitude Valley's Pure Pole Academy and said there were some moves female pole dancers just couldn't do. The key, he said, was male upper-body strength. "I've been trying to bring this sport away from adult night clubs and we want to put it out there that men can do pole dancing too - we know it's physically demanding," he said. The men perform at private parties including hen's and buck's nights, saying the public enjoyed their routines. "Some are a little hesitant at first but when they see what we do they like it," Mr Scott said. "More men are coming to the forefront wanting to try pole dancing. "It doesn't matter about your sexuality - Chris and I are partners and we love what we do."
The show's winners will be chosen by the audience and take home $250K.

UPDATE: Via commenter Dr. Whore.

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