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Cause, Effect, Response

Twitter Support responds via email:
We have investigated the reported account and have found that it’s not in violation of the Twitter Rules at this time. We have a policy against violent threats, but the content of this account lacks the specificity to meet the criteria of an actionable threat. Receiving these types of messages can be frustrating; however, removing content does not resolve the issue, but instead can make the situation worse. Threats do not simply disappear – if someone means you harm, working with local authorities to defuse the threat and address the root of the issue is the best solution. Removing the evidence of the threat makes it difficult for it to be investigated by law enforcement.
I had expected that message from Twitter as they rarely suspend accounts in these situations. To be frank, I regularly get such messages via email and I only reported the above hanging threat out of curiosity to Twitter's wording and because folks on Facebook demanded that I do so when I posted the image there a few days ago.

The Dana Loesch fan who sent the crane photo claimed afterwards that it was only a warning of what Muslims would like to do to me, hence his usage of the word "Friday," which is the Islamic sabbath. Yeah. Loesch, you may recall, claims that gay activists are cowardly hypocrites for not denouncing Islam as vigorously as we do with anti-gay Christian groups.

NOTE: Loesch claimed I was "celebrating" the FRC shooting because I continued to tweet out links to multiple examples of hateful activism by the Family Research Council. She ignored my condemnation of the shooting because that's how she works.

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