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Dump ROMinee

Having read the same polls as the rest of us, the Not-Romneys have published a massive manifesto calling for a delegate revolution at the Republican Convention in two weeks. From the nine-page memo announcing the campaign:
"DUMP ROMNEY" contends that no delegates are actually "bound" by law or GOP rules to vote for Romney and that, to win the White House and toss-up Senate seats, delegates must exercise their right to "conscientiously abstain" from Romney on the crucial first ballot, aiming for a stronger ticket leader in subsequent convention voting rounds. The core of a hard-hitting new 80,000 word book and incubating Tampa insurgency, the entire memo can be read online free via Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader using the search term "DUMP ROMNEY." "Were frontrunners simply entitled to the nomination, a convention wouldn't be necessary," the texts say, noting that Intrade predictive markets gives Obama odds of about 60-40 over Romney and that New York Times political analyst Nate Silver projects about 300 electoral votes for Obama, rating Romney's current odds around 21%.
The group calls themselves "Jews And Christians Together."

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