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IOWA: NOM Pledges $100K To Oust Justice That Backed Same-Sex Marriage

Three of the seven Iowa Supreme Court judges that unanimously approved marriage equality in 2009 were unseated the following year with the help of heavily-funded out of state hate groups. Yesterday NOM announced that they will donate $100,000 to this year's attempt to boot a fourth judge. Via Quad City Times:
“This is about freedom, not just about marriage,” [Bob] Vander Plaats said in unveiling Iowans for Freedom’s 2012 campaign to oust Wiggins — who is one of four Supreme Court justices who will be up for retention this fall — during the sold-out Family Leader’s Family Leadership Summit that drew 1,000 activists to the Point of Grace church in Waukee. “We see this as a freedom and constitutional issue important to all Iowans. If courts are allowed to redefine the institution of marriage, every one of the liberties we hold dear is in jeopardy.” To kick off the campaign, Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage pledged that his organization would provide a match of up to $100,000 the contributions that are made during the next two weeks.
NOM's money will go directly to Family Leader, which you may recall had candidates sign a pledge that included an affirmation that black people were better off under slavery. Family Leader head Bob Vander Plaats is a three-times failed candidate for Iowa governor who enjoys a hearty "fag" joke and who was accused of demanding a huge payment in return for his group's endorsement of Rick Santorum.

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