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Liberty Counsel: We Will Sue Lesbian Mom For Defamation Over Kidnapping Suit

Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver says lesbian mother Janet Jenkins' lawsuit against his organization is defamatory and they will seek "every possible recourse" against her for filing it. Two weeks ago Jenkins filed a civil RICO suit against Staver and numerous other anti-gay defendants after a preacher was found guilty of assisting in the kidnapping of her daughter to Central America.
“This is outrageously frivolous,” Staver told “It’s a press release filed in federal court. It is sanctionable, and we will pursue every recourse possible because this suit is defamatory. It’s filled with lies, it’s frivolous, and the attorney who filed it ought to be sanctioned…” The suit, filed on behalf of Vermont lesbian Janet Jenkins, claims that Liberty University School of Law, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Christian Aid Ministries, and other organizations and individuals are involved in various schemes of “conspiracy” and “racketeering” for allegedly offering support for ex-lesbian Lisa Miller’s and her daughter’s escape from the United States in 2009.
An interesting comment on the above-linked site reads:
Mr. Staver should find himself a good defense lawyer; actually two lawyers: a civil one and a criminal one. The law is against him - parties to litigation in the US have absolute immunity from defamation liability for anything relevant that is said or written in prosecuting or defending a lawsuit. The facts are against him as well - the trial that resulted in a criminal, beyond a reasonable doubt, conviction by 12 unanimous jurors was of someone who was coordinating illegal activity with people at Liberty University, including Mr. Staver.
Jenkins' lawsuit notes that the named parties signed the infamous Manhattan Declaration, whose supporters vow to disobey laws that protect LGBT people.

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