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Log Cabin Republicans To Participate In GOP Platform Drafting Process

The Log Cabin Republicans have been credentialed to participate in the GOP party platform planning session at the Tampa convention. Chris Johnson reports at Washington Blade:
“Just looking at the 2008 document, Log Cabin has gone through and we’ve noted language in there that’s either directly unhelpful, or seen as anti-gay, and have marked it for deletion,” [LCR head R. Clarke] Cooper said. “We’ve also found language that could be strengthened to be more inclusive. That said, there’s going to be a completely new document. It’s not as if they’re taking the ’08 document and just updating it.” Cooper said the group has already identified language in the 2008 platform that it will push to remove in the 2012 document, including language related to marriage. Under the heading “Preserving Traditional Marriage,” the 2008 platform endorses the Federal Marriage Amendment and affirms passing same-sex marriage bans through state initiatives.
A GOP spokesman cautioned that anti-gay groups have also been approved to take part in the platform's creation.

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