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NOM Denounces REI

That didn't take long. From the NOM affiliate Ruth Institute:
REI is the latest corporation to take a stand against biological parenthood by supporting redefining marriage. Any company and any individual who supports redefining marriage is opposing your right as a biological parent. Biological parenthood says your rights come from God. REI, Starbucks, Best Buy, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Proctor & Gamble… the list is quite extensive and they are all in opposition to the biological status of parents. They may or may not know this. But that is the what will happen if marriage is redefined. And they will be responsible for the resulting harms.

Regardless of the other good things these companies do, never forget they are actively opposing your rights as a biological parent. By supporting the redefinition of marriage, they are saying that biological parenthood does not matter – they are saying that your rights, which were granted to you by God, do not matter. The only thing that matters is “legal parenthood.” The only thing that matters is that the state gets to say who counts as a parent.
The above-linked post concludes by glumly linking to a Wikipedia round-up of dozens of corporations that back marriage equality. (Via Good As You)

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