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NYC Cab Hailing App Launched

Most of my cab issues have to do with hundreds of people hailing at the same post-event time, so I can't see this being much help in Manhattan. But it could be great in the outer boroughs.
So far, out of more than 13,000 yellow taxis on the road, 1,000 drivers have signed-up for the app and say they’re excited. Driver Shareef Hussein said he was one of the first to download the driver version of the app, which he would have to pay a separate fee to use. “It’s going to help us like when you go outer borough, it’s going to be very helpful to us because you know sometime we’re going to have to come back empty,” he said. Another cab driver is already using the app and said he likes it so far. “Now you know the location for the clients who need a cab. Why not go to pick them up if you drive by?” cabbie Roland Sainristil told Hsu.
Get the app here.

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