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Roll Call Moves Massachusetts Homocon Vs Democrat House Race To Toss-Up

On Monday I reported about the U.S. House candidacy of openly gay former Massachusetts state Sen. Richard Tisei, who is working to unseat scandal-plagued eight-term Democrat John Tierney. Today Tisei's camp issued an ecstatic press release noting that Roll Call has now moved the MA-6 district into the toss-up category. A bigger version of the above map is here. Two gay Republicans have served in Congress, but both were outed after being elected.

Roll Call has named 25 House races as a being toss-ups so far. The GOP currently holds a 50 seat majority in the House. Only 23 more races are listed as "likely Democratic" or "leans Democratic" with 156 seats listed as "safe Democratic." Using Roll Call's calculations, the chances of returning to a Democratic House majority are quite dim.

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