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Romney Super PAC Launches Website Claiming That Obama Is A Black Racist

From the site Fight Bigotry: is the SuperPAC that is releasing the most hard-hitting attack ad against President Obama on television this year. Our ad (see below) is here for the media and the public to view. We are the only SuperPAC that will clearly connect the dots to explain the one political vulnerability of President Obama that no one else has the stomach to bring up, and the one issue where President Obama has thus far received a free pass: his disturbing, yet crystal-clear pattern of tacitly defending black racism against white folks before and since being elected president. ​​The Obama administration and their surrogates (not the Republicans) have injected race into the presidential campaign.
Think Progress points out that the site is the work of GOP opposition researcher Stephen Marks, who tried the same thing in 2000 when he attempted to link Al Gore to comments made by Al Sharpton.

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