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Romney Veep Announcement Tomorrow

Gitcho is the Romney campaign's communications director. We should know by 8:45am if they stick to their schedule.

UPDATE: The National Review thinks it's going to be Paul Ryan due to some charter flight activity.

UPDATE II: Snicker.UPDATE III: From my pal and DC politico Karl Frisch. UPDATE IV: Huffington Post is confirming.
Mitt Romney will announce Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate on Saturday, according to two sources with knowledge of the decision. Ryan is a bold pick who will energize the Republican Party, but putting him on the ticket is fraught with risk and instantly puts Ryan's budget plan front and center in the 2012 campaign.
Teabaggers are doing handsprings on Twitter. Lots of egg-y faces tomorrow if the media is wrong.

UPDATE V: HRC gives Ryan a 0% rating on LGBT rights. The Family Research Council rates him 90% good at being a bigoted douchebag. (Points off for voting to continue funding Planned Parenthood.)UPDATE VI: Has there ever been a presidential ticket without a Protestant? Historians? Could be an interesting meme...

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