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Scott Lively: David Barton's Book Of Lies Was Brought Down By A Gay Conspiracy

Even though David Barton's book of lying lies was actually brought down by a coalition of evangelicals and Christian historians, Scott Lively blames relatively gay-friendly Christian university professor Dr. Warren Throckmorton and "anti-Christ" gay blogs such as JMG.
I have my own little conspiracy theory and it centers on David Barton’s emergence as a vocal opponent of the “gay rights” movement and Throckmorton‘s self-appointed role as the saboteur of such people. If you “Google” “David Barton” and “Homosexuality” you will find that Mr. Barton has become a subject of intense vilification in the “gay” blogosphere. You will also find triumphal gloating over Barton’s drubbing by the entire cadre of homosexual bloggers who specialize in attacking Christians, including the “Joseph Goebbels” of this group, Wayne Besen of the ironically-titled Truth Wins Out blog. Tellingly, Besen ran his story on the controversy under the headline “Dr. Warren Throckmorton’s ’Takedown’ of History Fraud David Barton.” For those who still believe that Warren Throckmorton is on the side of the Christians in the culture war, just do a search of his name on the websites of the nastiest of these anti-Christ blogs such as Box Turtle Bulletin, Truth Wins Out and Joe My God. You will find that Throckmorton is a hero to these people and apparently a willing collaborator with some of them.
If credit were to go to any site, it would go to Right Wing Watch, who has relentlessly cataloged Barton's ridiculous claims for years. Lively concludes: "Who exactly benefits from this? If you listen hard you can hear their gleeful cackles as they pat Warren Throckmorton on the back." Cackle away, my lovelies. (Via Waking Up Now)

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